What is the Best Material for Installing Industrial Floor Mat?


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anti-slip matsWhenever it comes to the safety of an industrial workplace, most people consider fire alarm system, shockproof equipment etc. Most of the factory owner and industry manager forget to consider one vital thing. They keep the concrete ground uncovered. It increases the chances of an accident due to unexpected falling and slipping. As a result, owners and managers take the safety of their workers for granted.

What is The Best Material?

In a situation like this, it becomes very important for the workshop managers to install mats that are made of anti-slip material. And as far we as we concern, rubber is the best of anti-slip material that provides a strong feet grip and also comes at a cost effective price. So the bottom line here, rubber is the best material for using as an industrial floor mat. In the below section a brief discussion will take place that will reveal the other benefits using rubber mats.

Advantage of Using Industrial Rubber Floor Matting and Walkway Matting

We already came to know the fact that rubber is the best material for installing on the industrial floor. However, it also offers some other benefits. Find them below:

Easy to Install and Cost Effective: Rubber is light in weight. As a result, it requires less manpower to install rubber mats. On the other hand, it is also a cost-effective product over the other materials of its type. So, it is a budget friendly product from all the aspect.

Heat Resistant, Waterproof and Shock Proof: This is another important benefit of using rubber mats. No matter at which temperature you are working in a workshop, ground mat made up of quality rubber never gets affected by heat. On the other hand, neither shock nor water can damage the performance of rubber. As a result, industrial rubber mat not only decreases the chances of accidents but it also a durable product.

Natural Anti-Fatigue Material: Working continuously on a hard floor can cause pain to workers. It can also be uncomfortable and uneasy for laborers. In this case, installing rubber ground mat can be turned out as a good option. Rubber is widely known for its natural anti-fatigue properties and it also provides a comfortable surface to work on.

Available in Variety of Color and Design: When it comes to installing floor matting for industrial use, colors and design do not matter much. Still, it is my duty to mention this benefit of rubber. Rubber mats are available in a variety of color, shape, and design. It can be a good option when it comes to installing rubber mat on the office floor or for domestic use.


So here you came to know today that rubber is the best anti-slip material for using as an industrial mat. You also came to know about the other benefits of rubber. So use rubber mat and make the workshop a better place to work for laborers.


Uses of Rubber Mats for Better Productivity in Workplace


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A successful employer is the one who thinks of productivity while spending less money. To gain more productivity, it is very important to give the employees more comfort, so that they can work smoothly, without any hindrance. Rubber flooring can be a good investment from the part of the owner to give the employees better working environment. Implementation of rubber flooring enables you to maximize more safety and more comfort in your industry. Presently there are lots of companies, which can provide you their best service to cover the floor of your office or residence.

There are number of employers, who value their workers and take care of providing a good working environment. Rubber Matting is considered to be one of the best ways to provide security and comfort to the workers. Nowadays, there are lots of industries, which are using these underfoot, accessories. This type of flooring is used both in industries and residence areas. But it is widely used in commercial areas. It is widely found in the kitchen or in the hospitality areas. The main object of using this accessory is providing comfort to the clients and staffs.

Benefits of using rubber floor accessories

  1. Keep Fatigue Free:

One of the most striking advantages of using rubber mats is to keep the employers and staffs free from weariness. It is natural that everyone gets tired while working very hard. But Rubber Matting helps them to stay refreshed and free from leg pain. Intelligent employer is the one, who gives his workers more comfort to gain more productivity.

2. Electrically Resistant Rubber Floor to ensure safety:

This matting category is very helpful that acts like a resistant and keep you safe from electricity. These mats are designed in such a way that these keep operators free from electrical effects.

3. Anti-Slip Floor Mats:

It is very embarrassing if one slips in the office. Moreover, slipping may cause injuries to your body. But not to worry, as there are some renowned companies that offer safety based anti –slip floor mats, according to your requirements. It can be also used in residences to stay safe.

4. Resist sound of shoes:

It is very irritating to hear the “tick tack” sound of shoes again and again when you are engrossed into your work. Covering your floor with rubber mats, keep you free from such sounds. It absorbs sounds and enables you to work peacefully.

Apart from these advantages, rubber mats are easy to clean. So, it is easy to use. Moreover, there are some leading companies that can fulfill your requirements, by providing you customized rubber mats. You may contact with such companies to have their assistance in this field.

How Rubber Floor Matting Can Benefit You In Workplace?


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Using a typical rugs, mats, and carpets to cover the flooring areas has been pretty common in industries regardless of its type. People oftentimes prefer using these items even for internal and external purpose as well; the sole motive is primarily to attain a better look along with precise safety measures. Since the very first day this kind of items has got huge popularity among all across the globe and no wonder, every study denotes that the demand of such kind of floor matting is mounting higher and higher especially in recent years.  In case, you are yet to be aware of its effectiveness.

anti-slip matsCommercial Uses

As the name suggests, this kind of mats is very much common for any of the commercial sector. Generally, businessmen use these in the entryways of malls and shops so that customers, as well as workers, feel much comfortable as well as safe while treading on the floors. A special anti-fatigue design has been added to it; hence none feels uncomfortable even standing on them for hour after hour. In addition, you would face absolutely no difficulty at the time of movement of the trolleys and food carts for its beveled edges. Therefore, incidents like falls and slips won’t turn out a ball

Industrial Uses

And when we talk about the industrial sectors; we expect something more from these items. And believe me, they won’t let you down; they come up with a higher level of concentration for industrial sectors. The anti-slip properties together with some extraordinary features like much durability and thickness add more to its credibility.

What do you mean by Anti-Slip Mats?

Anti-slip materials in the mats generate more resistance when it is compared with other types of contemporary items. Though different manufacturers come up with many types of anti-slip mats but people prefer mats made of rubber when it comes to using in industrial sectors. Rubber makes it much easier for movement as well.

Why rubber?

You must be thinking why non-slip mats are primarily made out of rubber! Well, the fact is this material obviously propounds a very high coefficient of friction that ensures more gripping capabilities. Besides, the handsomely textured designs help to slow down movement, At the same time it surges slip resistance in slippery and soaked areas, and you don’t have to expend a lot for its maintenance too.

However, using anti-slip mats would be the best solution for all of those who have become absolutely disappointed for the recurrent absentees in the workplaces. They have to suffer a loss in productivity as well since many of the workers have to face certain mishaps, caused by slips and falls. Therefore, you should select one online store where you can these items at an affordable price.

Anti-Fatigue Rubber Matting: An Industrial Necessity



There is a clear distinction between tiredness and fatigue. Standing for prolonged periods of time could make anyone tired but fatigue is a condition, where one experiences excruciating pain in their back, pelvic areas and lower limbs. Many organizations have made use of specially-designed flooring options, which have successfully managed to provide their employers relief from severe conditions of fatigue, rising due to constant maintenance of upright posture for long intervals.


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5 Advantages of Rubber Matting In the Catering Plants


Oil and moisture are common factors of food processing and catering plants. These plants manufacture the food and then they sell. The process involves oil, dirt, and dust, but in the oily form. The food processing areas need to be kept clean or otherwise accidents become quite common in these areas. If the people working in this sector, face circumstances like trips and falls, that will create lots of problems.

This can be a loss for the total business and even cause the whole business or part of it to stop its functions for a few days. The machines used in the plants can also be destroyed due to these things.


So, many experts advise using rubber matting to make the areas safe and better to use. There are many reasons of advising to the rubber mats. Let us learn some of the advantages of using the rubber mats.

Easy to install

The rubber mats are very easy to install in almost any place. They are available in rolls and also in different sizes, so, the customers can buy them according to their needs. The mats can be installed quickly without the help of any experts.

Easy to clean

The mats are made of rubber. So, oil and dirt are not absorbed by them. The cleaning can be done by just using water and a bit of the washing powder.

Anti-slip nature

The mats are resistant to slipping. So, even if there is oil or some greasy liquids fall on them they offer better grip to the person walking on the mats. Thus, there will be less accident of anyone walking the cement floors and breaking their legs.


Available in multiple colours

The mats are available in several textures and colours. Thus, this gives a wide variety of choices to the users. The mats can also be customized according to the needs and demands of the clients. In the food processing plants, mats of dark colour are mainly used.


Another potential advantage of the anti-fatigue mats is that they much affordable in cost. They last for a long time and show very fewer signs of damages in the areas.

These are the reasons why the rubber mats are gaining important in the food processing and catering plants. Not only that they have proved to be of great use in the whole industrial sector because of the safety they offer.

Tips To Choose Anti-Fatigue Mats For the Industries



People might be wondering about using mat. This is because there are several varieties of mats and most people tend to get confused to choose among the mats.  Most of the mats available in the market are suitable for various weather conditions. Thus, they have become readily acceptable in the industrial areas and households. Several companies are now starting to manufacture these matting solutions for the ease of the commercial customers. The mats are beneficial for the employees who have to work by standing for longer hours of the day.

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The Popularity of Mats for Better Work Safety Standards



Underfoot and matting accessories are very much of a necessity for safety induced work standards within an industry. It is the assurance of adequate safety to workers that triggers better work related performance.

However arriving at the solution of rubber based mats didn’t happen that easily. The industry as a workplace is known to offer various danger laced circumstances and conditions. The dangers seem even more when the most conventional form of industry grade materials falls short of providing adequate safety measures.


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Some Popular Myths about Rubber Matting


Rubber matting is very common to find nowadays on the floors. You can generally see it on the floors of a gym, or in a kitchen or any other workplace. Don’t mistake them for tiles. They are not tiles. They are used to hide the floor surface while providing a soft surface underfoot.
The rubber mat gives a lot of shock absorption and helps maintain balance when you are carrying massive heavyweights. There are a lot of myths associated with these floor mating. You might have also heard some of them. Let us help you break loose those myths that have no real existence.

  • Rubber floorings can be used in basketball courts:

Well, it is not recommended to use rubber accessories in the basketball court. This is because while passing the ball, the player often falls down and these anti-slip floor covers can give the player a bad rug burn. Definitely, no one wants that to happen. Instead, vinyl rolls that have rubber backing can be used for maintaining safety in the court.

  • It will bring a tire store smell to your home :

Of course, when you are using something made of rubber it has to smell of the thing. But it certainly depends on, that means the intensity depends on the raw materials used. Some might have a stronger smell while others might not. And yes, when you install the flooring the smell will be stronger, but it will fade away soon with time.

  • These floorings are an excellent insulator :

It cannot be denied that the floorings are good insulators. But here the point is that they are not so good while dealing with temperature transmission. You might have feelings o cold and heat with respect to the basement temperature.

  • Rubber floorings can be used in garage flooring :

Most people have the wrong conception that the rubber matting is a perfect suit for their garage. But the problem of using them is that the floorings are made of rebounded rubber held together with polyurethane glue. The car oil has the capacity of breaking down that glue. With time it will make the flooring break, reducing its life.

  • Foam matting is same as rubber ones :

Foam floor matting is made of Ethylene-vinyl acetate and the flooring of rubber is made from EPDM rubber, virgin rubber, and SBR rubber. The rubber mats are more durable than the foam ones, while the latter is light and inexpensive.

Therefore, from the above article, the myths regarding rubber matting must be clear to you and hopes it will help you to make a better selection for your needs.

Floor Mats as an Industrial Safety Solutions Provider



The industry as a workplace is a hotbed of activities. The working personnel are always on the move with related work within an industry. The industrial floors can be subjected to spillage of chemicals, oils or even water. These presences of chemicals or liquids may turn out to be fatal for work personnel. The need to provide a stable safe floor area thus is of extreme importance.

  • Comfort Issue:

The floor area of an industry apart from the safety should also offer plenty of comforts. The long standing hours for workers on hard industrial floors can add up to the fatigue.

  • Solutions:

In order to ensure optimum protection and comfort feature within an industry, rubber floor matting has turned up as a possible solution. Rubber mats are extremely versatile in nature making long standing hours on the concrete or hard industrial floors easier. The use of rubber floor mats is also popularized with the characteristic nature of rubber which is offering an anti-slip surface. Thus, the predominant use of rubber is not just restricted to industries; rather it is a popular medium of a base that is very much in use in sectors like homes, hospitals, and restaurants.

  • Essential Features:

The rubber mats are less prone to wears and tears which are a common feature that comes with heavy extensive industrial use. The long lasting nature of rubber mats puts it ahead of other all other kinds of industrial solutions. The mats are also as a characteristic feature remaining mostly dry even in wet floors and surroundings. The characteristic feature of remaining dry comes into use especially on wet slippery cement floors or even in sectors like hospitals or the food industry.

  • Environment-Friendly:

Rubber mats can happen to be biodegradable. The biodegradable mats minimize the environmental pollution level to a great extent to a total eradication of decays.

  • Resistant Nature:

The acid and chemical resistant nature of mats ensures the mats remain unaffected to chemical corrosions. Rubber remains neutral to a high percentage of chemicals or acidic presence. The electricity resistant nature of rubber also makes it perfect for use in the high voltage electrical environment. Power plants and sub-stations dealing with heavy electrical appliance and power plants thus rely on rubber based matting solutions heavily. The thickness of the rubber mats used in such sectors varies according to the specifications of the end users.

  • Mat Provider:

A number of the rubber mats manufacturers have already started their production around the world owing to the popularity of the mats. An example of such a manufacturer can be cited in Work Well Mats, based in Australia, as a sister concern of Treadwell offers rubber floor matting solutions of durable and high-quality nature.

Know the Various Applications of Anti-Slip Mats


Accidents like slips and trips are one of the biggest cause for industrial injuries at the workplace. It is seen that almost all the accidents that are caused at the workplace are due to poor management and construction. Business owners have to spend a lot for medical purposes for the employees. This indirectly affects the production of the business and dissatisfaction among workers. It is very important for the architects to design the floor in such a manner that it offers soft surface underfoot.  Non-slip flooring plays an important role in the mishaps that take place inside the workplace. Rubber mats are considered one of the essential elements in ensuring a safer environment to walk and work as well.

The non-slip matting is known in various names like anti-slip mats, safety mats, and resistance matting as well. Besides, providing a soft surface underfoot, the rubber mats protect the employees from sudden accidents that may cause from slipping on the floors. Without the proper construction measures taken, employers can face risks of litigations and lawsuits that can cost both business time and money. Thus, identifying these risk areas and removing the issues is the greatest importance. There are various companies that rubber anti-slip mat for a residential and commercial purpose.

  • Typically, That Are Prone To The Risk Factors Have Some Of The Features Like-
  1. Tiles having the smooth and shiny surface that can contact moisture in the wet environment.
  2. The wet surface in general that surrounds swimming pools, doorway entrances and so on.
  3. Areas where spillage that has not been cleared regularly.
  4. Smooth surfaces like vinyl and wood become smooth when coming in contact with dust, water, oil, and dust.

There are various types of anti-slip mats that are available in the market that is used in various applications. Each of the mats offers wonderful slip-resistance and provide drainage for water. The rubber mats have unique properties that suit various extreme environments. For instance, these matting accessories are designed in such a manner that they provide total safety on the rooftop walkways and are used as heavy duty matting at risk areas.  As rubber mats are light in weight, they can be easily transferred from one place to another. They are antibacterial and anti-fungal in nature. Thus, they are used to improve the hygiene factor in the industries or hospital sector.

The rubber anti-slip mat is used in various sectors starting from the wet surfaces, hospitals, kitchens, doorways, catering and bar areas. One of the best features of this mat is that it absorbs shocks. It also offers better grip to the feet, reducing the chances of accidents.