Mat manufacturing companies are coming up with new ideas and techniques to produce mats that withstand hazardous chemical substances and even strong currents of electricity. It is essential for every heavy industry to utilize anti fatigue mats in areas where the workers are supposed to work for long hours. Lack of proper matting system can result in critical accidents and therefore, it is necessary to employ such industry rugs in places that deal with oil and water. The following list of mats will help you to understand different grass and stable matting systems and will enable you to choose the ones that are right for you.


Pin Shaped Rubber Matting System

Grass Matting

The ground reinforcement rubber mats are generally made of high density polythene. They are ideal for pedestrian usages and even for holding light weighted automobiles. They are mainly used on grass surfaces for stabilizing the platform and can withstand up to 8 tons of weight. They are available in different colors, such as green and black and it is easy to replace them as the material is recyclable.

They are provided in different graded formats according to the needs of the clients. They are inert to chemicals of all nature, which means that they do not react when buried under deep soil surface. These rubber matting systems are usually used in parking lots, access routes, disabled access areas, footpaths, golf buggy paths, taxiways, boat access areas and many others.

There are also environment friendly industrial rugs that are made with natural rubbers that are tear resistant. These mats are equipped with anti slip feature and along with that they are resistant to UV radiations. However, they are mostly available in the green color.  The pin shapes of the mats make them ideal for grass usage. Since these rugs are designed in keeping the environment in mind, they are colored in green and this has been achieved with zero usage of petrol derivatives.

The mats even contain anti-oxidants, which enables them to be resistant to both UV and Ozone. The high polymer strength of these rugs is that one feature that outfits them with great mechanical potency. The feature of cloth impression provides the mats with anti-skid property.

Stable Usage

Stable mats are usually built with heavy duty rubber material. They can be used in cattle sheds, horse stables and in dog kennels. The material works like an-bacterial agent. This single feature makes them quite popular among stable owners. The patterned surface makes the rugs slip-proof, and thus, helps the animals to hold a grip of the plane. You might even notice some of them having wide grooves. These grooves are naturally present on the underside and help to drain all sorts of liquid materials. These mats are cost effective, which makes them an instant favorite among the common masses.


You can find more information about different rubber mats and their essential usages over the internet. They can be bought through online e-commerce sites and you can even avail some great discounts. It is advised to go for rugs that have received positive reviews in most user testimonials.

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