The wet floor of your bathroom can be a hazardous place as incidents of slips and falls occur often on such floors. So, for ensuring safety, it is important to use a non-slip mat in your bathroom, having a good grip of the floor surrounding the bathtub. Such mats not only make your bathroom a safe place, but also increase the level of comfort.

Shower mats having anti-slip properties are widely available in various colors, styles and designs. You can choose the one that is most suitable as per your requirements and tastes. 

Anti-Slip Mats are used for Industrial as well as Domestic Purposes

How to choose a non-slip mat for a bathroom?

A non-slip floor is essential to be used as bathroom flooring as it ensures safety. While choosing a non-slip mat, the moots important factors to keep in mind are its anti-slip features and water resistance. Nowadays, tiles resistant to stains are also available that are highly durable. Other factors to consider while choosing a non-slip mat are its style and the cost involved. If all these factors are considered, it is easy to prioritize mats and select the mat type that is most suitable. You can find numerous options in their materials, designs and colors.

Safety floor mats can avoid falls:

A glossy and smooth floor mat in your bathroom would certainly look elegant, but such mats are not recommended to be used in case they are slippery. This is because safety becomes the priority when it comes to choosing a floor mat for the wet and slippery floor of a bathroom. You can find floor mats that have a non-skid surface. You can install such mats in your kitchen and other rooms too, apart from the bathroom. Non-slip mats are extremely essential in homes which have children. Vinyl mats, rubber mats and linoleum mats are naturally slip-resistant. They are quite strong and durable, too.

Using non-slip mats in a Gym:

If you have a gym at your home, then it is extremely important to make the gym flooring slip-resistant by installing anti-slip mats on it. Good quality rubber mats are most suitable to be used on gym floors. Such high-grade rubber mats are employed in commercial gyms and are quite similar to those used in the Olympics. Such mats are easy to clean, rebound well and have high durability. These mats have high level of non-skid features, which make them suitable to be used for carrying out activities like aerobics and martial arts, without the rick of slips and falls. Mats made of low-grade or recycled rubber have an unpleasant smell, which can also act as a health hazard. However, you may use recycled rubber mats, provided good quality materials are used during the process of its vulcanization.


Safety is the most important factor when it comes to selecting floor mats for places like bathroom and gym. Floor mats having good slip-resistance properties should be employed in the bathroom and gym floors, to prevent the risks of slips and falls. The mats should also have properties of water-resistance, durability and strength, and should provide ease of cleaning.  

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