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Having an office means there will be coming and going of clients and customers. When so many people tread into your office every day, it is quite evident that pounds of dust and dirt are brought into your workplace. Can you do anything to prevent this dirty situation? Yes, there is an alternative – the entrance mats. There are different kinds of entrance mats suitable for using in commercial places.    

The commercial entrance mats not only prohibits dust from entering your office, it also protects the floor from any kinds of damage. You can look through wwm.net.au, if you are looking for varieties of commercial entrance matting system. Dirty floors can never attract new and prospective clients to your office. Thus you can select from the varieties of entrance available for commercial purpose.

Diverse Kinds of Commercial Entrance Matting

There is a wide range of entrance mats designed for commercial sectors only. They can trap huge amount of dirt and can also withstand heavy flow of traffic. These entrance mats are also available in diverse colors so that they can add to the décor of your workplace. You can choose from the wide array of shades of these mats.

SKY Series of Dirt Trapping Entrance Mats

This matting solution ideally suits offices for restricting the entry of wet, mud and dirt into the office premise. These mats are extremely durable and are provided with a water absorbent surface making perfectly suitable for absorbing wet and mud. These thick mats have non slippery nitrile rubber which fixes the mat firmly to the ground and prohibits people from toppling down when stepped with wet shoes. These properties ensure additional protection, safety and efficiency for an office use. You will get attractive shades of this matting system.

Everest Series of Entrance Floor Matting

This is a welcome addition to the high flow of traffic in your workplace. Mats in this series are available in solid brown, solid blue, solid black, jaguar green, solid red, terracotta and lilac. These mats have an aesthetic pleasing appearance. It is said that because of the nylon composition, these mats can absorb around 3 Kgs of dirt and moisture. Quality construction and durability are the other features of these mats. You will get your preferred length of these entrance mats since they come in various lengths and widths.

Heavy Duty Series of Commercial Entrance Matting System

These entrance mats are bicolor industrial strength matting systems. They are available in vibrant double tones shades. These bicolor dirt trapping mats are the perfect accessory for a workplace experience heavy traffic every day. They not only can withstand heavy weight but also are equipped with high dirt and water absorbent features. Constructed by a rubber backing, these mats firmly sit to the ground thereby providing a non slippery surface for the passersby. These mats are generally found in restaurants, hospitals, hotels, banks and buildings.

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