The owners always think about proper safety of the workers working in the industries. These people have to work for hours standing on the hard cement floorings. Continuous standing on cement floors cause pain on the backbone and feet, decreasing the production. The chemicals, water and other types of liquid that are used in the industries causes slippery floor which increases the chances of accidents. So, to minimize the slipping and tripping of the workers, the owners use the universal anti-slip and walkway mats.

Characteristics of the Rubber Mats

The rubber based mats are anti-slip and anti-fatigue in nature. These mats have wide utilization in the walkway floorings, catering and hospital floorings, electrical matting and commercial matting. The characteristics of these mats are as follows-

  • They are highly durable. Their shelf life is quite longer than other commercial types of mats. Due to the durability, they are easily installed in the commercial as well as residential areas. They withstand heavy load and can easily resist daily wear and tear. The water resistant quality makes these matting more user-friendly.
  • As these rubber floorings are very soft and comfortable, the people who are standing on these materials feel very relaxed and comfortable. It increases the production of the industries. At home, the people working or standing on these soft mats feels very relaxed. The children who are playing on them do not face the chances of knee or leg injuries if they fall on them.
  • The colorful anti-slip rubber mats are anti-bacterial in character. The holes present on the surface of the mats absorb the microbes and do not allow them to scatter. It reduces the chance of infections and keeps the home floorings clean and disinfected.
  • The mats are resistant to stains and various chemical used in homes and industries. Floors in the commercial sectors and residential areas often face the problems of staining. The materials used in making the mats are stain resistant. These mats not only make the floors rough by absorbing the oil and grease, but also reduce the chances of floor staining. The hospital and catering sector uses lots of liquid and oil that sometimes accidentally falls on the floor. Rubber mats are best solutions in such case to protect the floors.
  • These mats are eco-friendly and cost effective. The mats are made up of recycled rubber, so there is no chance of pollution in the atmosphere. The manufacturing process is very easy and simple. The cost of these products is less and meets the requirements of the people. You do not have to maintain these matting, thus reducing further maintenance cost.
  • They are available in many colors and designs. The manufacturers have wide knowledge on the various utilities of these floorings, so they make these mats for several sectors like commercial, hospital, homes, electrical and as entrance matting.

The effective and tough walkway matting is the best solution for accident prone access systems. The electrical matting has anti-shock feature and insulation resistant capacity that make them widely applicable in industries. They ensure proper safety to the workers who always deal with voltage and electrical operations. It is always recommended to buy the mats from a reputed company for better warranty and durability.