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Mats are one of the versatile types of floor coverings that perform their functions where you need them. Mats protect the underlying floors and also protect the people from slipping and accidents. Previously, these floorings were only used in the residential areas and entrance spaces of commercial sectors, but their utility has increased a lot. Nowadays, rubber mats are used in the industries to avoid accidents. Many companies are providing anti-slip rubber matting solutions for industries. These mats are customized according to the need of the customers.

Matting Solution Types

  • Industrial Rubber Mats

Keeping in mind, the condition of the industries, many companies are offering safety-based rubber flooring that is custom made by the manufacturers. They are cost effective and offer greater protection to the workers. Workers in the industries have to work for several workers standing on the cement floors. The cement floors cause pain and fatigue on the feet. To prevent pain and to increase the production of the industry, the architects are using rubber mats. These rubber floor matting are anti-slip in nature. Using the rubber mats on the floors can reduce the leg pain, and the workers can work for many hours standing on the cement flooring. These floor coverings are pioneers in underfoot matting solutions. The manufacturers mainly focus on the comfort level of the customers.

  • Electrical Matting Solutions

This range of matting solutions includes resistant and non-conductive mats with accessories that are designed to avoid the operators from electric shocks and current effects. People, who are dealing with electric appliances, can use these mats. Utility of these mats is becoming very popular nowadays. They are made up of recycled rubber. These matting solutions ensure protection to the workers who are dealing with high voltage applications and switchboards. These rubber matting solutions are available in reasonable price. These floor coverings had high dielectric strength and insulated. These safety mats are used anywhere where the customers can feel the danger of shocks.

These mats are widely used in the power plants to reduce the critical conditions. They offer good coverage of the floors and provide total safety to the workers. They are long lasting and very easy to install. Customers can clean them when they want. These industrial matting solutions are available in various lengths and sizes. They offer good grip to the feet.

  • Hospital and Catering Floor Matting Solutions

This category of mats provides anti-fatigue matting solutions that are designed for the food processing plants and in areas like kitchen and bars. These mats are light in weight and keep the floors clean. These matting sheets ensure total comfort and safety to those customers who tread on them. Places like restaurants, bars and food processing plants are susceptible to spills and wetness. These mats are anti-slip in nature and thus reduce slippery of the floors. This floor covering mats come in anti-fatigue character that helps in avoiding accidental mishaps.

These rubber mats are also used in the entrance of commercial and residential areas. The walkway rubber matting solutions are cheap and easy and durable and other varieties of mats. They can withstand huge pressure.