Accidents like slips and trips are one of the biggest cause for industrial injuries at the workplace. It is seen that almost all the accidents that are caused at the workplace are due to poor management and construction. Business owners have to spend a lot for medical purposes for the employees. This indirectly affects the production of the business and dissatisfaction among workers. It is very important for the architects to design the floor in such a manner that it offers soft surface underfoot.  Non-slip flooring plays an important role in the mishaps that take place inside the workplace. Rubber mats are considered one of the essential elements in ensuring a safer environment to walk and work as well.

The non-slip matting is known in various names like anti-slip mats, safety mats, and resistance matting as well. Besides, providing a soft surface underfoot, the rubber mats protect the employees from sudden accidents that may cause from slipping on the floors. Without the proper construction measures taken, employers can face risks of litigations and lawsuits that can cost both business time and money. Thus, identifying these risk areas and removing the issues is the greatest importance. There are various companies that rubber anti-slip mat for a residential and commercial purpose.

  • Typically, That Are Prone To The Risk Factors Have Some Of The Features Like-
  1. Tiles having the smooth and shiny surface that can contact moisture in the wet environment.
  2. The wet surface in general that surrounds swimming pools, doorway entrances and so on.
  3. Areas where spillage that has not been cleared regularly.
  4. Smooth surfaces like vinyl and wood become smooth when coming in contact with dust, water, oil, and dust.

There are various types of anti-slip mats that are available in the market that is used in various applications. Each of the mats offers wonderful slip-resistance and provide drainage for water. The rubber mats have unique properties that suit various extreme environments. For instance, these matting accessories are designed in such a manner that they provide total safety on the rooftop walkways and are used as heavy duty matting at risk areas.  As rubber mats are light in weight, they can be easily transferred from one place to another. They are antibacterial and anti-fungal in nature. Thus, they are used to improve the hygiene factor in the industries or hospital sector.

The rubber anti-slip mat is used in various sectors starting from the wet surfaces, hospitals, kitchens, doorways, catering and bar areas. One of the best features of this mat is that it absorbs shocks. It also offers better grip to the feet, reducing the chances of accidents.