Rubber matting is very common to find nowadays on the floors. You can generally see it on the floors of a gym, or in a kitchen or any other workplace. Don’t mistake them for tiles. They are not tiles. They are used to hide the floor surface while providing a soft surface underfoot.
The rubber mat gives a lot of shock absorption and helps maintain balance when you are carrying massive heavyweights. There are a lot of myths associated with these floor mating. You might have also heard some of them. Let us help you break loose those myths that have no real existence.

  • Rubber floorings can be used in basketball courts:

Well, it is not recommended to use rubber accessories in the basketball court. This is because while passing the ball, the player often falls down and these anti-slip floor covers can give the player a bad rug burn. Definitely, no one wants that to happen. Instead, vinyl rolls that have rubber backing can be used for maintaining safety in the court.

  • It will bring a tire store smell to your home :

Of course, when you are using something made of rubber it has to smell of the thing. But it certainly depends on, that means the intensity depends on the raw materials used. Some might have a stronger smell while others might not. And yes, when you install the flooring the smell will be stronger, but it will fade away soon with time.

  • These floorings are an excellent insulator :

It cannot be denied that the floorings are good insulators. But here the point is that they are not so good while dealing with temperature transmission. You might have feelings o cold and heat with respect to the basement temperature.

  • Rubber floorings can be used in garage flooring :

Most people have the wrong conception that the rubber matting is a perfect suit for their garage. But the problem of using them is that the floorings are made of rebounded rubber held together with polyurethane glue. The car oil has the capacity of breaking down that glue. With time it will make the flooring break, reducing its life.

  • Foam matting is same as rubber ones :

Foam floor matting is made of Ethylene-vinyl acetate and the flooring of rubber is made from EPDM rubber, virgin rubber, and SBR rubber. The rubber mats are more durable than the foam ones, while the latter is light and inexpensive.

Therefore, from the above article, the myths regarding rubber matting must be clear to you and hopes it will help you to make a better selection for your needs.