Underfoot and matting accessories are very much of a necessity for safety induced work standards within an industry. It is the assurance of adequate safety to workers that triggers better work related performance.

However arriving at the solution of rubber based mats didn’t happen that easily. The industry as a workplace is known to offer various danger laced circumstances and conditions. The dangers seem even more when the most conventional form of industry grade materials falls short of providing adequate safety measures.


Rubber based matting solutions didn’t just turn out to be the best in the class providing safety standards, it is also a very affordable means of solution. The success of the rubber based materials as is evident has spelled in a number of manufacturers across the world that manufactures industry grade safety solutions. An example of a manufacturer can be the Australia-based concern by the name of Work Well Mats. It is a small part of the larger acclaimed Treadwell group, known for providing various safety solutions.

On the question of how effective is the use of mats in harsh industrial surroundings, another usability aspect of the mats should also be in consideration. This includes the soft cushion like a feature of the mats that makes long standing hours of work for workers a much less of an ordeal on industrial floors. The less the levels of fatigue for the personnel due to the spread of anti-fatigue mats, the better is the production output.

The main popularity of the mats remains in the characteristic trait of high levels of resistance. The resistance that is so much of an essentiality when facing corrosive chemical filled environment, slippery floor conditions through liquid spillages of either oil or water and presence of high voltage electricity.

Most of the manufacturers happen to design floor solutions according to the specific requirement of each customer. The matting solutions available are in accordance with various purposes. For example, when it comes to anti-slip and anti-fatigue mats, it is the industrial matting, catering and hospitality sector matting, heavy electrical industry matting, and matting meant for the entrance of commercials and offices. The mats happen to provide an aesthetic feel when it gets laid out in office and commercial entrances. In this wake of popularity, the products that complement the matting solutions are also experiencing a considerable rise in usage. The accessories happen in the likes of various ancillary products like tapes, which are in usage for demarcation on the floor.