Oil and moisture are common factors of food processing and catering plants. These plants manufacture the food and then they sell. The process involves oil, dirt, and dust, but in the oily form. The food processing areas need to be kept clean or otherwise accidents become quite common in these areas. If the people working in this sector, face circumstances like trips and falls, that will create lots of problems.

This can be a loss for the total business and even cause the whole business or part of it to stop its functions for a few days. The machines used in the plants can also be destroyed due to these things.


So, many experts advise using rubber matting to make the areas safe and better to use. There are many reasons of advising to the rubber mats. Let us learn some of the advantages of using the rubber mats.

Easy to install

The rubber mats are very easy to install in almost any place. They are available in rolls and also in different sizes, so, the customers can buy them according to their needs. The mats can be installed quickly without the help of any experts.

Easy to clean

The mats are made of rubber. So, oil and dirt are not absorbed by them. The cleaning can be done by just using water and a bit of the washing powder.

Anti-slip nature

The mats are resistant to slipping. So, even if there is oil or some greasy liquids fall on them they offer better grip to the person walking on the mats. Thus, there will be less accident of anyone walking the cement floors and breaking their legs.


Available in multiple colours

The mats are available in several textures and colours. Thus, this gives a wide variety of choices to the users. The mats can also be customized according to the needs and demands of the clients. In the food processing plants, mats of dark colour are mainly used.


Another potential advantage of the anti-fatigue mats is that they much affordable in cost. They last for a long time and show very fewer signs of damages in the areas.

These are the reasons why the rubber mats are gaining important in the food processing and catering plants. Not only that they have proved to be of great use in the whole industrial sector because of the safety they offer.